Social Entrepreneurs (The Business Times, Monday June 13, 2005)

The SMU SIFE team has been staying true to SIFE's vision by rigorously applying their business skills to their project with ChaCha Cottage, one of the many outreach projects they performed. "For our projects with ChaCha Cottage, we were hoping to improve consumer awareness and a steady stream of income for these women. Together, we want them to achieve financial independence"

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Welcome to ChaCha Cottage!

New products:

Beauty Soaps:

(1) Raffles Hotel Logo - 100gm
(Olive, Coconut, Palm and Essential Oils)
11.90 dollars

(2) Raffles Hotel Logo - 100gm
(Glycerin, Essential Oils of Lavender and Eucalyptus)
11.90 dollars

Available at Raffles Hotel Shop
1 Beach Road, Singapore
(65) 6412-1143