Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Rise above stale air with our delicate Scented Candles. Bring nature’s bountiful scents, captured in essential oils, into your home by burning our candles. Once aglow these candles release gentle whiffs of Citronella, Juniper, Lemongrass, Lavender, Palmarosa, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Spikenard or Rosemary

scent is uplifting and energizing. It is a terrific natural mosquito repellent.

is best known to uplift and revitalize.

has a fresh sweet lemon scent that helps increase awareness and ease mental fatigue. It helps improve concentration, combats stress and exhaustion and relieve headaches.

has a floral sweet and herbaceous scent. It is a wonderful anti-depressant, a balancer of moods, is calming and soothing as well as stimulating and invigorating.

scent is sweet, similar to a combination of geranium and rose, with a slight citrus hint. Aroma therapists recommend it as an oil to diffuse during flu epidemics. Its action against viral illnesses and against bacteria together with its pleasant smell makes it a great oil to disinfect a room.

has a refreshing minty scent that is invigorating and cooling. Filling the lungs with air freshened aroma clears the head gloriously providing clarity. It banishes mosquitoes and ants!

soft woody scent lingers in the air to bring inner awareness. It is helpful for depression, insomnia, stress, as well as overcoming feelings of isolation and grief.

is used to help insomnia, migraine, stress and tension.

has a fresh herbaceous scent. It has the capacity to stimulate the brain thus encouraging mental clarity, memory sharpness and concentration.

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Lighting Instructions

1) Check candle wick before lighting, trim a little if necessary

2) If candle smokes, extinguish, trim wick and relight

3) Place candle away from inflammable objects

4) Keep out of pet & children's reach

5) Never leave burning candle unattended!