Angella Cheng Director Message
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My journey as a single mom to a life of blessings, and wanting to move on from success to significance, spurred me to start this cottage industry.  My primary objective is to help women who are divorced, widowed or are unwed mothers.  

I have also extended this project to women in financial need as well as those whose husbands are out of work due to illness.  These are the women who are single providers for their families. 

We all get married with hopes of happy and fulfilled lives but when tragedy strikes or marriage is painfully broken, this dream evaporates and our lives are thrown into disarray.  My mission is to help such women rebuild their lives and self-esteem.  These women need opportunities and assistance to make fresh starts – and I will be there with them. 

We train these moms to make decorative scented candles and beauty soaps.  After they have completed the training, we loan them the equipment, provide raw and packaging materials, etc. at subsidized rate for them to work at home.  Training sessions are also at subsidized rate.     

This home-based work enables single and needy mothers to cultivate bond with their children.  The money earned from our cottage industry after deducting raw materials, wages for the women and operational costs will go to fund charities.

We have groomed a team of women to custom-make candles and beauty soaps according to clients’ designs and specifications. 

The name ChaCha was chosen because Cha is the first syllable of the word, Charity.  ChaCha is also a Latin dance and we hope these women touch by the grace and power of God can dance from confusion to confidence!

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) from Singapore Management University (SMU) are helping us to market our products. Under my guidance, students from SMU used ChaCha Cottage business model to participate in the 2005 and 2006 SIFE Singapore National Competition and competed with 7 top tertiary institutions. They emerged as the Champions. This qualify them to represent SIFE Singapore in the SIFE World Competition.

We have plans to extend our product line to include lotion, shampoo, liquid soap and shower gel and to train more single and needy mothers in 2008.  Several mothers, currently in our programme, will be trained to conduct candle and soap making hobby classes.  We plan to package candle & soap making kits to sell in our hobby classes.

This message is an invitation to those needing help and wanting to help these single providers to contact me,, thank you.
Angella Cheng (Ms.)